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Will an Air Conditioner Contractor Be Able to Properly Size Your Vents?

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Will an Air Conditioner Contractor Be Able to Properly Size Your Vents?

Not Sure What Size Vents You Need for Your AC System?

HVAC ducts are big pipes which are run throughout an infrastructure within a home or other type of structure. These will be connected to a heating or cooling unit system and transport air throughout the entire structure of a building. To keep the correct air flow that will keep a building hot or cold, the size of these ducts needs to be calculated in certain ways. These can include the Manual J way, which involves understanding of a room’s required temperature, and also a ductulator will be needed to do calculations on.

The floor plans of a home or other such structure will be important for correctly calculating an HVAC duct size. The size of every room needing a duct will have to be taken into consideration, in addition to the way the ducts will be installed inside walls. It is recommended that ducts be installed as short as possible; however, some building designs cannot always allow for this. Calculating duct sizes, a unit’s capacity means taking into consideration how much ductwork will be needed, due to the restrictions an air conditioner contractor has to work with.

The first technique with duct sizing is using the Manual J. This is generally performed by a professional and involves a computer program, and the specifications of a heating or cooling unit, in order to determine the right duct sizing needs in a building. This software is made to be as accurate as possible and will take into consideration such things as pre-existing airflow, the load of a heating and cooling unit, and the design temperature of a space in general. The Manual J way was created by ACCA.

The second technique to size ducts is more commonly used by homeowners attempting to perform the sizing themselves. It means finding information like the overall room temperature, cubic feet every minute, and the BTU’s in an average HVAC system.

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