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Want to Know If It Is More Cost Effective to Switch to an HVAC System?

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Want to Know If It Is More Cost Effective to Switch to an HVAC System?

How Much Energy Do Air Conditioning Systems Actually Consume?

Air conditioning systems have come far since their appearance on the market as a heating or cooling device for structures. In the year 2000, they used 30% to 50% less energy than models from the 70s. With newer systems, manufacturers have found ways to make them even more efficient.

Before speaking on the amount of energy used by air conditioning systems, it is first important to understand how they operate. They are similar to a refrigerator, meaning a pump and tubes are used to a cooling system. Within a device are tubing, sometimes made from copper, which winds into two kinds of coils, these are condenser and evaporator coils. The cold, interior evaporator coils will cool down a room, and the hot exterior coil releases the heat. The collected heat which is expelled is a direct result of energy going through the machine while it does its job.

This moves fluid, known as refrigerant, from the condenser and evaporator. Both coils are enveloped with aluminium fins, and the compressor carries the heat liquid via a series of fins and tubing. The liquid evaporates as soon as it gets to the evaporator, taking heat from the interior air, resulting in a perceivable reduction of room temperature. This refrigerant will be pumped to a condenser, where it will turn into liquid again, expelling heat also.

Ratings for air conditioners run by the number of BTU one remove every hour, 12,000 BTU are equal to a ton. The energy rating is gotten by dividing the BTU by the number of watts an air conditioner uses. The number calculated will be the Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is used to obtain the efficiency of a system, a higher number means better efficiency. In the United States, every air conditioning system must display an Energy Guide Label visible on a unit.

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