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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Could Use an Upgrade

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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Could Use an Upgrade

   Tips and usefil information   February 10, 2015  Comments Off on Signs That Your Air Conditioner Could Use an Upgrade

How to Determine If It’s Time to Purchase a New Air Conditioning System

Just like any appliance, every air conditioner has a limited lifespan. When a device reaches its lifespan, it becomes less efficient and highly expensive to maintain. Sure, regular maintenance can help keep your device in good condition for longer; but eventually, every air conditioning system will have to be replaced at some point. It is crucial for homeowners to learn how to determine whether their device has reached its lifespan. Here are several signs that you may need a new air conditioning system.
High energy bills
Provided that filters are clean and all components are in good working condition, the only reason why an air conditioner would consume more than usual is that it its lifespan has reached its end. Over time, components wear out, pumps become less efficient, and all this will eventually reflect in your electric bill. So, if you notice that your AC unit starts consuming more energy than usual for no apparent reason, then you should start thinking about replacing it. Modern air conditioners are much more economical, which means that they will actually pay for themselves in several years.
Frequent repairs
If you’re calling your air conditioning repair service provider on a regular basis, then perhaps it’s time to replace your system altogether. Continuing to repair a system that keeps breaking does not make much economic sense. As a general rule, if the cost of repair exceeds 40% the price of a new system, then you should definitely purchase a new air conditioner.
Less comfort
Due to normal wear and tear, the pump (which is one of the most important parts of an AC system) becomes less efficient over time. This will lead to poor results in terms of cooling efficiency. In other words, your air conditioner may be running, but the air coming out of it is not as cold as it should be. If this is the case, then you should hire an air conditioner contractor to further investigate the issue.
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